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Commando Training, Military Training and many more…

MCF Adventures conducts different types of training camps for from teens to adults. Situated at Mahabaleshwar in Satara District, MCF Adventures is the way to develop the physical and mental fitness undergoing different physical activities. Self-defence, survival training, commando & military training, etc. shape your personality and help you become a survivor and saviour. MCF Adventure helps you carve your independent, confidant and chivalrous selves.

MCF Adventures is one of the ways for the sound growth of teens as well as adults. MCF Adventures is presenting the different types of activity-training Camp. Our camp is to provide the experience of important aspects of life through an adventurous training module. There are many activities planned for a first-hand experience of the military training process. With proper training and instructors, it is a substantial way for your wealthy growth.

Our camp is settled on 68 acres land at Mahabaleshwar in Satara district. The setup of our camp for commando training is movable to another place. The setup can be erected anywhere required like at any school or social event. Through our School Adventure & Corporate Adventure Training courses, the setup of MCF Adventure can be erected at any company for the employees or at any school for the students. If it is not quite possible to come to our site, we can move our setup for you.

MCF Adventures provides an environment that nurtures you wholesomely. An ambience that suits you and helps you open-up for the betterment of your personality. This experience for you will be never-like-before, for you are bound to enjoy and learn at the same time. We not only train our cadets to be alert, aware & attentive but also to be a survivor and life-saver for others. Here, you will be skilled to face, cope-up & survive in undesirable and unfavourable conditions. Cadets learn to deal with drastic situations like natural calamities, accidents and so. Our USP is based on quality-oriented modules which are centralized on the three ‘H’ concept i.e. Head, Hand, and Heart.